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referendums inhibits difficult political

Le 23 novembre 2017, 09:43 dans 健康 0

What is more, recourse todecisions being made. The increasing short-termism in representative politics is bad enough, but having a referendum hovering in the background would make the situation infinitely worse. Voting for members of parliament – more accurately “deputies” as in France and Russia – with a five-year mandate provides the opportunity for them to take unpopular but necessary decisions with the judgment that they will have been proved right by the following election.

Rather than referendums, what is desperately needed is an electoral system that enhances the status and task of MPs, ensures a more representative result and enables the elector to make a more considered and personal decision. Fortunately, the single transferable vote – as used in Ireland (north and south), in Australia and in Scottish local government – provides the clear answer.

lived until the winter

Le 12 octobre 2017, 12:45 dans Humeurs 0

I sat on a park bench near a willow tree. I thought about something Rahim Khan said just before he hung up, almost as an after thought. _There is a way to be good again_. I looked up at those twin kites. I thought about Hassan. Thought about Baba. Ali. Kabul. I thought of the life I had lived until the winter of 1975 came and changed everything. And made me what I am today.
Chapter 2
When we were children, Hassan and I used to climb the poplar trees in the driveway of my father's house and annoy our neighbors by reflecting sunlight into their Homes with a shard of mirror. We would sit across from each other on a pair of high branches, our naked feet dangling, our trouser pockets filled with dried mulberries and walnuts. We took turns with the mirror as we ate mulberries, pelted each other with them, giggling, laughing; I can still see Hassan up on that tree, sunlight flickering through the leaves on his almost perfectly round face, a face like a Chinese doll chiseled from hardwood: his flat, broad nose and slanting, narrow eyes like bamboo leaves, eyes that looked, depending on the light, gold, green, even sapphire I can still see his tiny low-set ears and that pointed stub of a chin, a meaty appendage that looked like it was added as a mere afterthought. And the cleft lip, just left of midline, where the Chinese doll maker's instrument may have slipped; or perhaps he had simply grown tired and careless.
Sometimes, up in those trees, I talked Hassan into firing walnuts with his slingshot at the neighbor's one-eyed German shepherd. Hassan never wanted to, but if I asked, _really_ asked, he wouldn't deny me. Hassan never denied me anything. And he was deadly with his slingshot. Hassan's father, Ali, used to catch us and get mad, or as mad as someone as gentle as Ali could ever get. He would wag his finger and wave us down from the tree. He would take the mirror and tell us what his mother had told him, that the devil shone mirrors too, shone them to distract Muslims during prayer. "And he laughs while he does it,?he always added, scowling at his son.
"Yes, Father,?Hassan would mumble, looking down at his feet. But he never told on me. Never told that the mirror, like shooting walnuts at the neighbor's dog, was always my idea.


Le 28 septembre 2017, 06:30 dans Humeurs 0



其實這個方法很是簡單,每天必須簡單的進行深呼吸,在還未進食食物之前,我們空腹站立,盡量的放松全身,雙手自然下垂。雙腳打開,保持與肩同寬的狀態,然後盡量的深呼吸:吸氣的時候讓腹部隨之鼓起,腹部呼吸而不是女生本身的胸部呼吸,保持這個動作三秒 牙齒敏感,想食餐好仲要捱牙痛畀敏感牙齒搞到食唔到?舒適達牙膏可提供持續24小時嘅長效保護,各位吃貨就可以想食就食,放心享用美食喇!然後呼氣的時候盡量收緊肚子上的贅肉。盡量的讓肚子的收縮幅度大壹些,從慢到快,感覺到疲倦的時候就放松身體即可。












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