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What are the methods of whitening?

Le 1 June 2018, 05:16 dans Humeurs 0


 Women love beauty know who doesn't want to be beautiful every day! Have an enviable skin and body! Do you know how to maintain it? White skin care is the long-term care and maintenance! Don't give up halfway! Beauty is better!

1. Women have a lot of whitening skills, so we recommend that you pay more attention to the method of whitening and moisturizing. We can in every night before going to bed good cleaning the face, then cut slices of cucumber face of hail in a few minutes to be taken, adhere to a month later not only make your skin, tender, but also very white!

2. For women, this lotion and cotton pad can't be lacking, so we use these two most basic maintenance products to achieve a good whitening effect. Before going to bed, and put the thoroughly soak cotton pad with toner, directly used to apply face for 20 minutes, three times a week, so stick, it will make your face more white water tender, it feels very good feel!

3. After getting up, the first thing, of course, is to drink water, drink 2 cups of water after waking up every morning, with a glass of add some salt, salt water after drink, it can be very good clear intestines and stomach, make your intestines and stomach is empty, achieve good qingchang detoxification effect.

Face whitening, be sure to pay attention to the details in your life. Before going out for half an hour every day must wipe segregation frost and sunscreen, after go home the first thing is to clean the face, clean, in order to avoid pore jams, cause serious skin problems, we must pay attention to this problem!

5. Face whitening, actually also need to pay attention to clean the face every day method, when washing a face, first wash a face with warm water, and then in doing with cold water washs a face, the moment can make facial skin pores become small oh! Avoid the pore bulky yo!

The way to whiten is to get up and drink water first! Wash your face with warm water! Use sunscreen when you go out! Good for skin whitening! Remember to pay attention to care! Whitening skincare should do this! Start with the small details around you! Beauty only has the best effect!


changes the divorce rate

Le 19 April 2018, 10:43 dans Humeurs 0


  In the modern Chinese unit, classmates often discuss the changes in the concept of Chinese family in the modern age, and the changes in the relationship between the two sexes and marriages deserve the students' attention. According to information from the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the Mainland, in the first half of 2017, there were 1.856 million couples divorced in the Mainland. Among them, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou were the cities with the highest divorce rates in China.

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  The traditional Chinese concept of family is conservative. In ancient societies, parents were the marriages that dictated their children. Adult children must choose their spouse according to the "parent's orders, the words of the matchmaker," and there is no concept of free marriage. The divorce issue of children often needs to be done according to the parents’ intentions. Children do not have any autonomy.

  Together with the so-called family ugliness, the other half of the family is tolerated and talked about divorce. Due to face, most parents from traditional Chinese families do not encourage their children to divorce or even remarry. In order to obey their parents, some children have no choice but to maintain an unhappy marriage.

  Only divorced husband and wife

  Even if it really speaks of separation, because traditional Chinese families are family-oriented, the family centers on fatherhood. Men have a dominant role in marriage. Not only do men have the initiative to raise relatives to the right target, divorce is based on the male side. In a traditional marriage, divorce must be proposed by the man. Therefore, it is often said that divorcing a wife means that once a woman is married to a man, she is a man. A wife is a man who has abandoned his wife and has no wife to drop her husband.

  The tradition of rituals such as the “Seven Outings” used by the wife is also a matter of placing the dominant power of marriage in the hands of men. The emotional freedom of women is limited.

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  But to this day, the Chinese people’s concept of marriage is changing. According to official statistics, the current population aged 22 to 35 has become the main group of divorces. What are the reasons?

  The transformation of contemporary social culture is the primary focus. Modern parents’ dominant position in marriage is gradually reduced. parents cannot or cannot control the marriage of their children. Therefore, children can choose the other half according to their own wishes. In addition, many generations after the 1980s are born under the one-child policy. Families have higher cultivation, placement and respect for them than the previous generation. Most of them have the power to decide on the marriage relationship. On the issue of divorce, the children prefer to deal with them independently. The role of the parents is only to give advice. It will not be as dominant as the old society.

  Divorce is all about money

  In addition, according to mainland media analysis, the biggest reason for divorce after 1980s is economic factors. Because of the opportunity of China’s reform and opening up, many people have won a lot of wealth due to the development of the country.

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  At the same time, because of the stories of the media pursuing and reporting on celebrity's fortune, people have more expectations for the pillow person. In the new era, "women are better than men than men" are common in marriage. This subverts the traditional Chinese concept of "beyond the head of a woman," leading to a conflict of values ​​and an increase in divorce. ■ Hong Zhaolong Catholic Lisheng Middle School Liberal Studies Teacher and Civic Education Coordinator

How to change the dishes and put less salt

Le 16 March 2018, 04:42 dans Humeurs 0

  It is not easy for housewives to pay attention to salt in healthy diets. Many housewives do not know how to make changes to cook less salt. Today, diet experts teach the housewife some cooking techniques. These tips can help you cook less salt and eat a healthy diet. Let us now learn to learn these tips for cooking less saltKawon KIM received her BA and MA in Psychology and her PhD in Organizational Behavior. Kawon’s research focuses on interpersonal relationships in diverse teams and organizations, and how such relationships affect work outcomes.


  Choose low-sodium seasoning:

  It is often said that salt eating is harmful to health. In fact, it is said that excessive intake of sodium in salt is harmful to the human body. Low-sodium seasonings on the market can improve this situation very well. The low sodium salt contains about 25% to 30% potassium chloride, which can reduce the salt intake by 1/4 to 1/3 while hardly affecting the salty sensation, and can also effectively increase the intake of potassium. In addition to low sodium salt, low-sodium soy sauce, low-sodium bean paste, etc. are all excellent alternative seasonings.

  Pan and then salt:

  When many people cook their food, they like to start the oil and put the salt and onion ginger and garlic together into the pan, or immediately add salt to the ingredients. These practices will cause salt to infiltrate into the ingredients and cause excessive salt use. It is reasonable to place salt when the dish is to be panned, so that the salt will adhere to the surface of the ingredients, not only with a taste but also with saltHence, this whole idea that entrepreneurs who are planning to start off market expansion services have regarding exaggeration of costs is nothing but merely a myth associated with this industry.

  Polysaccharides and sugar:

  People who have experience in cooking know that the food is salty. Putting some sugar can make the salty taste lighter. This is because sugar can reduce the salty taste, which in turn increases the amount of salt. Vinegar is just the opposite. Its sour taste has a salty effect. If you don't want to put too much salt, just add some vinegar to make the original lighter dishes become brackish and moderate. In addition, tomato juice, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar have the same effect.

  With the flavor of the ingredients themselves:

  A light diet always makes people feel unsatisfied, but if you can rely on the flavor of the ingredients, you can make the original light dishes delicious. What's more, a small amount of salty taste can exactly preserve the unique flavor of food. Shiitake, tomato, celery, onion, cilantro, chilli, sesame, peanut, onion, ginger, garlic, mustard, etclung cancer mortality.

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