Good Heavens! “Calvert—Raiford Artas Robotic Hair Transplant, Lieutenant.” Raif!  the day, solong ago, when they had run away together but decided to come home at

nightfall because theywere hungry and afraid of the dark.
“Fontaine—Joseph K., private,” Little bad-tempered Joe! And Sally hardly over having herbaby!
“Munroe—LaFayette, Captain.” And Lafe had been engaged to Cathleen Calvert. PoorCathleen! Hers had been a double loss, a brother and a sweetheart. But Sally’s

loss was greater—a brother and a husband.
Oh, this was too terrible. She was almost afraid to read further. Aunt Pitty was heaving andsighing on her shoulder and, with small ceremony , Scarlett pushed her

over into a comer of thecarriage and continued her reading.
Surely, surely—there couldn’t be three “Tarleton” names on that list. Perhaps—perhaps thehurried printer had repeated the name by error. But no. There they were.

“Tarleton—Brenton,Lieutenant.” “Tarleton—Stuart, Corporal.” “Tarleton—Thomas, private.” And Boyd, dead the firstyear of the war, was buried God knew where in

Virginia. All the Tarleton boys gone. Tom and thelazy long-legged twins with their love of gossip and their absurd practical jokes and Boyd who hadthe grace of MOOCa

dancing master and the tongue of a wasp.
She could not read any more. She could not know if any other of those boys with whom she hadgrown up, danced, flirted, kissed were on that list. She wished that she

could cry, do something toease the iron fingers that were digging into her throat.